Get the Best of Cozy Decor Ideas with Bedroom String Lights

Decorating your bedroom could be daunting as well as an exciting project to do. You can explore your wants and imaginations to be put on it. Considering putting bedroom string lights may add different nuances to your darling room. The lights will bring a whimsical look in your bedroom, wherever you decide to hang them.

The flexibility of indoor string lights provides you with myriads’ different variety of styles for your bedroom decor. You can decide to have a fairy look or even a starry one on it, depending on your chosen theme. The awesome string lights for the bedroom will surely be the home improvement project you love.

Due to the many different ways of applying the right light decor for the bedroom, you need to narrow your choice down on its styles. This way, you will be able to effectively look for the right things and other materials needed for the decor. Here are some insights on cozy bedroom decor with string lights.

Choosing The Types of Indoor String Lights for Your Bedroom Decor

If you want to add a magical, glow and personality to your bedroom, having string lights in it is the perfect option to apply. These string lights come in many different shapes and types to help you match your predefined theme. Here are some of the lights you can consider to pick:

  1. Mini Fairy Lights

These types of lights come at an economical price and are powered by a battery. You can hang them at any place within your bedroom and create any kinds of shapes you want.

  1. Paper Flower Lights

If you would like to add a graphic element gorgeousness to your bedroom, these kinds of lights are your perfect choice. Place and mold them into any shape you like and enjoy its beauty.

  1. Paper Lantern String Lights

This could be another gorgeous option to bring coziness to your bedroom decor. The effect brings by these types of lights are serene, calmness and tranquility. Thus, it helps you to set the mood with its still and dim lights.

  1. Stargazer Glass Bubble Lights

Bring a romance shade to your bedroom with these gorgeous lights. We can call it the impeccable cross between the globe lights and the grown-up fairy lights. Confidently, you can never go wrong with these kinds of lights.

  1. Star String Lights

For certain people who fond of space and things around it, star lights are definitely the best choice to put on. Make a random scatter of the lights on your ceiling or simply put them on your bedroom valance. Both ways will grant you with the wonderful sensation of night sky-seeing.

  1. Multicolored String Lights

These particular lights will work best for your kid’s bedroom decoration. However, you can also use them in yours should you want to re-taste your childhood memory. Free your mind and imagination to bring your personality in the room with these lights.

  1. Mini String Lights

These old-fashioned lights can add a magical ambiance to your room, despite its simplicity.

  1. White Bulb String Lights

Add these gorgeous lights to your bedroom decor and experience a vintage flair whenever you enter into it. These lights will still look stunning in its white color, even if it doesn’t light.

  1. Globe String Lights

Provide a warm glow to your most favorite room with these types of translucent lights. There are black and white colors to choose from.

  1. Leaf String Lights

Do you wish to add greenery and botanical garden to your room? Leafy string lights are the perfect choice for you. Choose those leafy fairy light bedroom Tumblr and make yourself comfortable in it.

5 Simple Ways on How to Decorate with LED Lights for Your Bedroom Design Project

Right after you decide on which lights to choose for your bedroom decoration, it’s time to determine how you will apply them. Surely, there will be myriads of ways to execute your home improvement project, particularly on your bedroom design. However, choosing the right one needs more energy and concentration to achieve your ultimate goal. Here are some ways to use the lights for bedroom decor for your consideration:

  1. Stringing Lights on a Canopy Bed

The canopy bed is the perfect place for your bedroom lights interior decoration project, to begin with. Simply stringing star string lights or mini string lights across its beams, and there, you have your magical view. If your canopy bed is equipped with a valence, you can also drape those lights on it to enjoy a fairy nuance.

  1. Window String Lights Decor

Should your bedroom be quite small and has a window on it; you may find out that it could be a challenging task to choose the perfect decoration. However, you can simply add a string of lights around your window and find its beauty. Choosing the small size of LED lights for room decoration is a wise decision, due to your room dimension.

  1. Photo Frame Strand of Lights

Are you a romantic person who cherishes and memorizes every moment with your loved ones? Then, you can simply clip your most favorite photos into a strand of lights and hang it on the wall. You will be able to be nostalgic at each moment on the photos. In fact, you will also feel the romantic ambiance with the dim light comes out of it.

  1. Fake Headboard String Lights

Bring some magical and fairy ambiance to your room with these simple indoor string lights ideas. You can create your own fake headboard by making any shapes you like using the string light. The size of your fake headboard is up to you, too.

  1. Glowing Wall Art

You can use the string lights to create any wall art placed in your bedroom. It could be a word, a silhouette or anything you want to light up and personalize the room. It can also be mean to send a message when you decide to make words out of it.So, how are you doing with your bedroom decor project, anyway? Have you decided on the perfect LED lights for your predefined ambiance room? Have you made your choice on how to use them? Or, perhaps, you have already nailed it?

Well, hopefully, you are able to achieve the ultimate objective of your particular home improvement project. The above article may add considerably to your options on bedroom string lights and their use. Good luck!

Elegant White Kitchen Design Ideas To Build Up The Moods

Kitchen design ideas are available pretty much on the internet. There are plenty of different approaches that you can try.

The kitchen becomes an essential room in the house since you cook every kind of food there. Sometimes you may be bored with your everyday kitchen and want to change it a little bit.

The combination of every aspect of decoration determines the theme of your kitchen. Color helps you create certain kind of atmospheres inside the room and also build up the moods.

White and black are the most basic color, and both of them have different usage. White usually symbolizes something holy, elegant, and pure, and black symbolizes the counterpart of white.

If you are interested in something elegant, white-colored decorations can be the perfect choice for your kitchen. White can strengthen the sophisticated aura of the decoration.

White decoration can also boost the image of the hygiene of your room since hygiene is closely related to white. You must make sure that you clean it regularly, or the dust or other stains will get attached to your kitchen.

Elegant White Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern white kitchen ideas are the perfect match for you if you are searching for something different and still maintain the elegant of the design.

For someone who has a high expectation of elegance, a white kitchen can be the perfect choice for you. This design also boosts the hygiene image of your kitchen since white symbolizes hygiene.

Type of Floors You can Choose

This design uses a wood floor with a classic color and also style. It is relatively cheaper than affording a ceramic floor that can cost a lot of money. As you see in the design, the floor is carefully installed so that the wooden floors are making a kind of unique style.

A wooden floor is considered as the fragile one since it will break apart if it hits by some hard stuff such as metal or even stone. It is different from a ceramic floor that can endure more pressure.

In order to emphasize the elegant design, it should be better to clean it regularly to make it shiny and cleaner.

Classic Style Lamp for The Kitchen

Classical things and decoration will never make you bored and is the best companion for your kitchen. In line with their classiness, a classical lamp will make your kitchen look like the expensive and elegant one.

Many decoration stores sell classic lamps or lanterns at different prices, and you can choose your preferred lamp by yourself. We recommend that you select the lamp coated with copper or silver since it can last longer than other materials.

Today’s design commonly uses LED lamps as the basic lamp of the kitchen since it will save you more power than the regular light bulb. Any kind of lamp is fine, but the old light bulb style will make it more perfect.

Lighting for The Kitchen

The kitchen must have a decent light since it is used to cook something and to eat with your family. 2-4 large neon-lamp or at least 2-5 light bulb needs to make it brighter.

A yellow or white light color is already fine to generate a warm atmosphere inside the kitchen, but usually, yellow light has a warmer tone. If you want the kitchen to look brighter, just use the white-colored one.

Storage for The Kitchen

The storage can be different from each kitchen since not all of the kitchen has the same size. A bigger kitchen can be placed with bigger storage and more kitchen utensils, but you can’t do that with a smaller kitchen.

For a bigger kitchen, you can combine hanging cupboard to modern cupboard with sort of wooden shelves. It will be better if the cupboard is made with glass or at least the door-side is made from glass (transparent) so that we can see the inside of it.

The function is to show or display your kitchen utensils and to add more artistic features. White or silver kitchen utensils will make it more perfect.

For a smaller kitchen, you can use wooden shelves. It will save a lot of your space, and you can efficiently store your things inside it. It is also considered as cheaper than buying a big cupboard, and you can make it by yourself too.

Choosing The Right Dining Table

The dining table is an essential thing for you to add if you have any excess room in your kitchen. Dining tables usually have several styles, such as the hollowed (normal dining table) and storage dining room (can be used to store items).

When you have a lot of things to store, you should need the storage dining table. It can be used to store many items or kitchen ingredients. It is very useful if you are a person who likes to cook and spend your time in the kitchen every day.

Although it is handy for you, it consumes more space than the regular dining room, and it is a lot heavier. If you are someone that routinely changes the style of your kitchen, then this is may not be the perfect option for you.

You will hardly move this table unless it has a little wheel inside of it. If it doesn’t, you should be careful with the floor, especially if it is a wooden floor.

The regular dining table is a perfect choice if you have a small kitchen. The classic dining table will boost the sense of elegant inside the kitchen. Although it can’t be used to store items, it is cheaper to afford and lighter in terms of weight.

As the owner, you should think about how big your room and how much your budget is. If you live in a small house or apartment, you should consider building a smaller kitchen since it will save a lot of space.

Kitchen design ideas are available on the internet, and you can choose your preferred design. Elegant white kitchen design is one of the designs that you can try if you like to show the elegant side of your kitchen.

Catchy Bedroom Decor Ideas, Fulfill Your Imagination

Turning the bedroom into a beautiful and eye-catching room is not a difficult thing. With a little imagination and creativity, you can juggle your bedroom more catchy and comfortable.

So, to make your bedroom more attractive, there is no need to follow the interior design rules for the bedroom. You can express your personality and interests through stylish room decorations.

Here will be reviewed catchy bedroom decor ideas that could be your inspiration.

Maximizing Artwork

There is nothing more exciting than enjoying the beauty of the artwork. Applying artwork in the bedroom will make the occupants more comfortable. Attractive artwork option for your bedroom is very diverse, and you can choose one or two of them, including:


Paintings can be an interesting object in your bedroom. You can buy print results if the original art is too expensive. For the bedroom, a suitable picture is a nature-themed painting that can bring the effect of tranquility and comfort.


A ceramic display can be one of the bedroom decoration alternatives. Adjust the size of the ceramic show to your bedroom. If your bedroom is minimalist, use one or two brightly patterned small ceramics on the bedside table of your bed or at your desk.


Besides painting, you can also display posters as an interesting object in your bedroom. For a poster bedroom of flowers is a pretty good choice, the picture of flowers will not look boring. Adjust the poster size and color with the room wall, to keep it comfortable to see.

Eye-Catching Wallpapers

If changing the room paint requires too much cost, you can use the wallpaper instead. Wallpaper selection is very diverse; in choosing, you must adjust between the colors of the wallpaper with the decoration of your bedroom. Choice of wallpapers that suitable for bedrooms, including:

Soft Colored Wallpaper with No Motive

For adult bedrooms, use a blue, brown, or gray-colored wallpaper. Both colors can give a soothing effect and make a better sleep.

Brightly Colored and Educative Wallpapers

Brightly colored wallpapers are suitable for your child’s bedroom. Colorful and educative wallpaper can make your child more comfortable in the room.

Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper patterned nature, geometric, or inspiring characters suitable for teenage children’s bedrooms. Stay adapts to their liking and personality.

Unusual Furniture

Combining various types of furniture can be a way to decorate the bedroom to make it more attractive. Unusual furniture is always interesting to see, especially if it rarely found elsewhere.


Standard beds are usually square so that you can try a round bed. In addition to shapes, you can change the layout, for example, in an angle or between windows. Complete with a bed cover patterned abstract, geometric, or character drawings.

Chairs and Canopy Bed

Unique and unusual chairs and tables can be an interesting object in your bedroom. Like bubble chairs, bubble ottoman, faux fur, or swing small chair. To make it more eye-catching, you can attach a canopy bed with a soft curtain that is held down.


Lighting that can make your bedroom more attractive like bulb string light that you can stretch above the bed or on the wall of the room. You can also try to display a floating candle vase or LED rotary lamp.

Handmade Will Always be Interesting

Who is not interested in the unique handmade objects as a display in the bedroom.

Wood Carving

There are many choices of wood carving, which distinguishes is the motif of the swam. For bedrooms, suitable wood carvings such as sleepy eyes wood carving, mirror frames or carved wooden headboards, and so on.

Hanging Display

Hanging displays that are handmade products are always interesting to look at. Like color full moon wall hanging, or little pom-pom that you can display at a colorful wall or in the bedroom window.


Handmade products are widely traded mainly in the form of a flower vase. Flower vase material can be derived from ice cream sticks, clam-shells, rattan, or bamboo.

Beautify The Bedroom with Plants

The green color of the plant not only makes the atmosphere more refreshing but can help you relax after a long day of work. Native plants are the perfect choice for your bedroom.

For the bedroom, you do not need to put a large plant enough with plants in small pots. Choose a plant that is easy to maintain.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant is perfect for the bedroom because it does not require direct sunlight, and you do not need to water it every day. The bright green color of this plant is very refreshing your eyes.


Lavender plants have been proven to help someone sleep better if they smell their aroma. So it fits placed in the bedroom, next to your bed. In addition, this plant is also proven to repel mosquitoes. Gorgeous purple colors make your room more attractive.


This one plants produce a distinctive fragrance, so it fits perfectly so garnish in your bedroom. It does not require any special treatment; this plant has quite sprayed the leaves every morning or evening.

Stunning Vintage Objects

Stunning vintage objects can steal attention when entering the bedroom. Commonly, encountered objects are:

Wooden Stairs

Wooden stairs that are old and unused can you make the accessories of your bedroom decoration. Stay cleaned or repainted. This vintage wooden staircase can be a place to display photos or be transformed into a bookshelf in each stair.


Vintage suitcases that have been unused can be turned into a bookshelf attached to the wall. Or where to place your perfume collection.

Old Used Frame

The frame of the window or mirror frame that is not used can be converted into a jewelry place. Stick a thin lace or wooden cloth on your frame, and your designs are ready for display.

Ideas on how to decorate the bedroom are still very much. You just apply the most suitable for your bedroom condition and your taste, of course.

Description of Catchy Bedroom Decor Ideas can be your consideration and reference material in realizing your dream spot makeup.

Getting to Know Perfect Idea Room Decoration for Your Dream Home

Decorating your home is something thrilling yet challenging. Your ultimate objective should be a display of your personality and aesthetic in each room. However, you will have to deal with some common mistakes ranging from natural light problems to different room layouts. Thus, spending your time on perfect idea room decoration can be a solution in helping you avoid those mistakes.

The most important thing to remember when decorating your room is expressing your creativity and mind all the details. You also need to comprehend the basic principles of interior design and the decorating elements. This knowledge will not only provide you with relevant information on how to make a well-designed room decoration but also do it in the best possible way.

5 Basic Principles of Interior Design to Understand

Prior to making your desired room decoration, learning more about the principles of interior designs is essential. Here are 5 of them:


It is the nuance brought by the entire elements that create an integrated message within the room. Harmony can generate a sense of peacefulness for your particular room. You can use one color to fill up the room, although other objects have a different size, shape, and texture.

Proportion and Scale

This element is vital to make your room more proportional and well-fitted.


Make a focal point in the room to avoid any boredom staying in there. A window with beautiful scenery outside or a classic fireplace will become the anchor of the room. You can even emphasize the room without any built-in focal points. Just use your imagination and creativity for your best result.


The feeling of symmetry is all about what balance is. You can create balance by combining pattern, color, shape, and texture.


It is something we create to make our eyes keep moving around the room.

Room Decoration Styles and Ideas to Personalize Your Home

After learning about the basic principles of interior design, it’s time to look for the right room decor ideas for your dream home. Here are some ideas for your consideration:

Good Lighting is Crucial

Natural light is something we value most. Make sure that your house has some good sources of natural light to make the room glow. Combining the natural light with artificial ones could be the best way to create any ambiance in your home. Adjust the color of the lighting with the room decor to make it blend tastefully.

Determine Your Room Color Palette

Color holds the quintessential key in determining the room’s nuance and style. If you want your room to be a serene one, you can choose a soft and muted colors. Bright colors are more energizing. You can use this kind of color for your room decor ideas for girls due to their youth and active life.

Have an Outdoor View from inside your House

When it comes to nature, we can only agree that it brings a calming effect to our moods. Putting a full window that projects a beautiful view from the outside is an excellent way of bringing serenity to your room.

You will gain a considerable advantage from the scenery, especially when you live in the country. To help achieve this goal, you can project your window on your backyard garden, too. It would be best for the room to have a view of it from the inside of your house is equipped with a swimming pool,

Pay Attention to Your Organizer

Organizers within our homes come in different types, sizes, and materials. When clutters in the house are gone, we can start to organize our things and room. Organizing your home will have you think about the perfect way to clear out your clutter while keeping the room stylish and chic.

Currently, many furnishings boast storage, as well. Using such furniture is a great way to decor your home while decluttering your belongings for a clean house.

Adding A Mirror as Your Simple Room Decoration

When your room does not have enough natural light source, placing a mirror can reflect the light around the room. Mirror also helps to make your small room looks bigger, gives the room an illusion of having a squarer feet dimension. Fashioning a collection of mirrors with different shapes and sizes at your wall is an aesthetic way to decor your house. You can also put a large one in a wall for a cool look.

Perfect Your Room with the Right Rug

Determining the right rug for a room could be challenging. For the best result, you choose a large rug so all the furniture pieces will be on top of it. You also need to know that having a small rug for your small room decoration will bring the feeling that your room is small. Thus, a carpet that goes wall-to-wall is also considerable.

Highlights Spaciousness

Small and cramp place will never give us any calming feeling. When you decide to decor your room, make sure that you do the best way to make it feel spacious, despite its original dimension. You can achieve this by making a full window, a higher ceiling, or create an open-layout room that brings airy to the room.

Make the Room Decor as Homey as Possible

When you feel that a room is too designed, it means it is not homey. Sometimes, you have to let it be a little messy or not beautiful. It does not need to be perfect; it just needs to be welcoming, warm, and safe. The imperfectness of certain areas in your home may be the key to make you feel at home.

It indeed takes a lot of effort, time, and energy to make your dream house comes true. You can start by determining the best idea of room decoration for your home. However, you still can achieve it by learning more about the elements of interior design.

You need to do your homework on ideas and pictures of home decor for your dream house. Are you ready for that?

Favorite Creative Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Grey Lover

If you are a gray lover, you can get some creative gray kitchen cabinet ideas here. Although people usually identify gray as a classic color, are many things you can do to make it fresh in a kitchen cabinet. You can play with contrastive color, texture, and ornaments. In the end, how you mix and match the colors in your kitchen can give different final results.

People love to have a gray kitchen because it creates both a warm tone or a relaxed situation, depending on how you design the room. The color keeps a kitchen neutral and exciting, so you can feel comfortable and relax when you are cooking. Gray is a fun choice if you want to contrast it with brighter hues of fabrics and floor.

Before you give all the decisions about your kitchen to a designer, you can get some ideas below. You can find which one suits you well because you are the one who will spend hours in the room. Gray kitchen cabinets can be a part of the fantastic decor of your dream kitchen. Do not limit your imagination, and let your dream kitchen come true.

The Effects of Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinet design ideas often combine various shades of gray with other colors. Getting a grey cabinet in your kitchen gives a mood booster, calming atmosphere, feeling of excitement, and classic luxury. Below are some ideas that you can follow if you want to explore the positive effects of gray kitchen cabinets.

1. Gray Kitchen Cabinet with White Countertop

If you think you have some light gray kitchen cabinet ideas, you can get a white countertop as a perfect match. People always love white and gray kitchen cabinet ideas because both of the colors offer calm an relaxing mood. If you need a room with tranquility, you can play with white and gray in your kitchen. You can add some decorations in a futuristic or classical design to make your cabinets alive.

2. Gray Wood

There is a way to create a charming look on your gray kitchen cabinet. Choosing wooden cabinets painted in light gray can give a neat and simple look. Meanwhile, wooden cabinets painted in dark grey will give a cool and calm feeling. You can add white vases or clay pots to provide more variations. You do not need to bring in too many things if you want this kitchen to stay sleek.

3. Glossy Gray Kitchen Cabinet

If you have a wooden floor, find some dark gray kitchen cabinet ideas. You should try to get a bright gray kitchen cabinet with a dark wooden countertop. The combination will create a homey situation, and let you enjoy classic interior design. You can paint the wall in white or some other lighter colors so that they can uniquely contrast to each other.

4. Gray Cabinet in a Rustic Style Kitchen

If you want to feel like traveling the time by having a rustic style kitchen at home, a gray cabinet will be an excellent addition in it. Gray is a soft color that you can easily match with lighter or darker colors. Rustic style usually has a various shade of colors, so having cabinets with a neutral color will create a fantastic interior design.

5. U-Shaped Kitchen with Gray Cabinet

If you have a small kitchen, but you need a u-shaped cabinet, you can try to have it in gray color. Gray color gives a more spacious look for your kitchen. A gray u-shaped cabinet usually looks neat and fancy at the same time. Please combine it with a white countertop and white wall. Add some simple lightings to make your kitchen look fresh.

6. Dark Countertop with Gray Kitchen Cabinet

A combination of gray kitchen cabinets and a dark countertop can show your confident personality. It is so unique that it stands out the design of your kitchen. A dark countertop does not always be in black, although black is also perfect for gray cabinet). A countertop with subway tiles will enhance the look of a gray kitchen cabinet.

7. Combination of Gray and Red

Have you thought about something bright and contrast? You should try to combine the colors of red and gray because red can be a nice contrast touch to the cool gray. Your cabinet will look shocking and unique, standing out perfectly. Since gray is highly versatile, you can do some experiments and make various combinations to find the best.

8. Combination of Gray and Pink

Do you know that a combination of the gray and pink cabinet can create a romantic sense? Gray is calm, and pink is sweet. You can have a gray cabinet contrasted to the pink wall, or a gray cabinet with soft pink drawers.

Those are some gray kitchen cabinet ideas that you can apply. Choosing a design that suits you well will transform your kitchen into a place that makes you feel comfortable. You can spend hours cooking and handling other tasks in the kitchen without feeling bored. Gray always offers a beautiful combination of neutrality and warmth.

The Best Gray Kitchen Cabinets

If you think gray is dingy, dull, and tedious, you need to change your mindset. Gray can do well in a large or small kitchen, depending on how you design it. This exclusive color has many shades and hues, starting from the lightest gray up to the darkest one, very close to black. Combining some shades of gray will give a soft touch to a cabinet.

If you want to remodel your home, there are so many creative gray kitchen cabinet ideas to follow. Subtle gray cabinets will give depth to the kitchen, making it look larger without feeling darker. If you want to experiment, you can have your cabinets painted in gray and a hint of blue or green. You will find out that that combination works perfectly.

Creatively installing a gray cabinet can spice up a calm kitchen, making it more unique and personalized.

Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom Ideas with Urban Outfitters

Bohemian style house design is quite popular. The Bohemian style has the most distinct design with other designs. This is due to the full-color display with many motives and ornaments, making this style easy to recognize.

The vintage and natural feel of the Bohemian style will make you comfortable to sit down. If you do not like the pure bohemian style, there is now a new bohemian design that combines bohemian style with a minimalist look.

For those of you who want to make a new atmosphere in the bedroom, you can use the Bohemian minimalist style. Here’s a review of how to create the bohemian minimalist bedroom ideas with urban outfitters.

Choose The Most Suitable Color

The Bohemian style is striking with a variety of bright colors, different with soft-colored minimalist styles such as white, cream, and chocolate. These two styles create a unique blend of colors plus a touch of beautiful hippie motifs that you won’t get bored with the color selection.

Color for The Floor

The choice of colors that best suits the Bohemian minimalist style include pale brown, bright brown, or pale white. These colors can be made by using original wood or ordinary floor that is then painted in wood color. Alternative options, you can try pastel colors like a cream palette.

Color for The Wall

Neutral color options are best suited for this style, whether it’s ship-lap walls or brick walls, the white color is best suited as wall paint. White color In addition to giving the impression of a wider space, typical bohemian style decorations can be more attractive.


The material used in the Bohemian minimalist style is material from nature, such as wood and stone, for most of the walls and roofs. Other materials are stone and metal but do not dominate.


For the wall, this style uses a brick painted in neutral color white. More options for using neutral-colored wallpaper matching the color of the floor. There are also ship-lap walls from wood that look more natural.


For the floor, commonly used wood materials that can be derived from oak, cherry, or walnut. The wooden floor is then painted in white so that the furniture on it can look more beautiful and minimalist look.


Decorations with the Bohemian minimalist style will be dominated by typical bohemian decorations. But with a choice of colors and motifs that are not very striking.


For bedrooms with a bohemian minimalist style, it will be different from pure bohemian style. For a wooden bed, more to the minimalist style using sheets or bed cover soft-colored like white, cream, or grey.

There are a lot of bed cover options that support the bohemian minimalist style. Urban Outfitters store provides the need such as Velvet quilt, floral stitched quilt, Margot tufted floral comforter, and so on.

Throw Pillow

The decorations commonly used in bohemian style are throw pillow. You can use the printed pillow, fringed round throw pillow, floral embroidered pillow cover, or hand-painted pillow cover. The distinctive motif of the bohemian style stands out on these accessories to throw pillow.


Decorations that should not be missed for Bohemian minimalist style is the plants. Plants can be both native and imitation. The plants can be hung at the wall at the bedside, such as a fringed hanging planter or vase planter.

If you like living plants, you can plant in a pot that is not too large and placed in the corner of the room.


A mirror with a wooden frame will add a minimalist-style bohemian effect to your bedroom. The presence of mirrors in the bedroom can give an expansive impression on the room.


Decorating with wooden chairs or rattan wicker will further accentuate this style. Suitable seat types, such as a trestle-leg chair, lounge chair, ottoman rattan, or wood stool can be your choice.


Decorative accessories in the form of the rug must be present to emphasize the use of the bohemian minimalist style. The patterned carpet characterizes these styles, such as a print rug, Berber rug, woven rug, and so forth.


A vintage lamp that best suits this style. Another option, you can use a rattan lantern, vintage table lamp. That can create a classy look with a little edge of a hippy.


A white or grey curtain without motif puts a minimalist design in the bedroom. Alternatively, if you want to prioritize bohemian style, a bamboo beaded curtain can be installed in your bedroom window.


The bohemian style consists of various textures such as linen, wood, iron, stone, plant, glass, woven, embroidery, fringing combined into one. Minimalist style goes in to reduce a very diverse texture of bohemian style. So it does not look too crowded and messy when applied to the bedroom.


Bohemian style is identical to the touch of artwork and handmade objects. Bohemian minimalist style is not too much use typical bohemian ornaments but still presented.


Art products, such as paintings, posters, ceramics, or sculptures, you can choose one or two of them to decorate your bedroom. The Artwork that you display doesn’t need too big to keep the minimalist impression visible.


The characteristic of the ornament in the bohemian style, the jewelry that you use or not used are all displayed or exposed. It can be with a special jewelry hanger, or just styled on your dressing table.


A typical bohemian style patterned cloth you can lay on the wall near the bed. But choose the unstriking motif, so that it still has a minimalist effect.


Handmade displays can be a choice of ornaments for your bedroom. Like a photo frame of the clam-shell or dream-catcher.

The combination of Bohemian and minimalist style is perfect for you who are expressive but still simple. You can create and choose a decoration item that is suitable for expressing the Bohemian minimalist style in your bedroom.

Information about bohemian minimalist bedroom ideas with urban outfitters. can be a matter of consideration and reference for you. Happy decorating guys.

Creative Ideas for Minimal Workspaces to Inspire Your Mind

The workspace is becoming an essential place for people who have high work intensity. The problem is, not everyone has a lot of space to create a workspace. If a workspace becomes a necessity, then making a minimal workspace can be an alternative.

The following creative ideas will lead you to find ways to design a minimal workspace into a comfortable workspace for doing all work activities. Various innovative ideas in this article can be your choice before creating a minimal workspace.

Minimal Workspaces

You can create a minimal workspace so that your inspiration stays flowing. Here are the creative ideas:

Install the Board

Being a busy person and has many tasks, you usually always prepare notebooks to record important things.

With a minimal workspace design, you can maximize the walls like a blackboard to record the tasks you must do. With the blackboard, you can also save money to buy notebooks.

Install Carpet and Study Lights

Workspace is where you pour all your work activities, so it needs to be made as comfortable as possible to make your ideas and inspiration keep flowing.

For your minimal workspace, try using patterned carpets to create a warm impression of the room. For lighting, use a little bright light to make your eyes do not feel tired.

Use A Plain Interior

Your workspace needs a calm atmosphere so you can concentrate on doing heavy work. To add to the impression of quiet and simple, try it in your minimal workspace; you use a plain interior, for example, white walls and floors.

Use All-white Color

All-white color is perfect for your minimal workspace. The whitewall color will add to the impression of a more extensive room. In addition to the walls, the furniture you use is also white to match the wall color design.

Provide Space Only for Essential Items

You need a comfortable workspace and not many unnecessary things scattered on the table or everywhere.

Moreover, minimal workspace, which requires neatness to make the room, seemed more spacious. Avoiding non-essential items is a must. Place only essential items, such as bookshelves, calendars, tables, and so on.

Use Glass to Add A Broad Impression

Because your workspace is minimalist, you have to make the room seem more spacious. The trick, try using a glass or place your desk near the glass.

In addition to giving an impression of a more spacious room, by using glass, you can see many things outside the workspace to get rid of boredom.

Use Natural Lighting

You need calm to boost productivity. You can only obtain it from a fresh and brighter workspace. For your minimal workspace, your desk should be placed near a glass wall so that you get natural light.

Take Advantage of Favorite Posters

Sometimes inspiration comes from posters that you like. The minimal workspace does not make you lazy to be creative in creating an informative workspace. Many types of banners you can choose to decorate the walls of your workspace, such as classic posters, paintings, or a collection of languages.

Minimalist Bookshelves

Your minimal workspace does not have enough space to place a bookshelf. However, if you need a bookshelf, you should use a minimalist bookshelf.

To look more spacious room, you must pay attention to the neatness of the bookcase. It is due to the left cluttered workstation will make your workspace feel more cramped and uncomfortable.

Take Advantage of Paintings

Painting can present your inspiration. With pictures, your minimal workspace will look more exciting and fun. To maintain the neatness of the workspace, you can put paintings on the wall or a work desk.

Use a Minimalist Wall Table

You can save space by using the wall as a work desk. You can also use the minimalist wall table to place your various work equipment. To maintain the impression of neatness, you should not put too many unimportant objects on the wall table.

Use Wooden Walls

The use of wooden walls is not only looking natural but also able to make your workspace more unique. With a natural atmosphere, generally, the workspace will be calmer, warmer, and more comfortable. You need a quiet workspace to inspire.

Shared Table

With minimal workspace, you must use the space as economical as possible. It includes the use of a work desk. If you often work with your colleagues in one table, you should use a shared meal.

The advantage of using a shared desk is not only saving space but also making the room look more presentable and relieved.

Use Inspirational Colors

In your minimal space, you can work more productively with colorful room wall decorations. Choose more vibrant and inspiring colors to add to the spirit of your work. Besides being more productive in your minimalist space, you will also continue to be motivated to bring inspiration.

Take Advantage of Indoor Plants

Don’t be discouraged if you only have minimal space. You can still make the room fresher by using indoor plants. Many benefits that you will get with indoor plants, for example, add to the beauty of the place. Besides, a subjective impression will also appear in your minimal workspace.

Install Wallpaper

Like posters and photos on the wall, wallpaper can also add to the aesthetics of your minimal workspace. Use wallpaper motifs according to the character of your workspace. The choice of topics is crucial since it can be decisive in making workspaces more attractive or vice versa.

Place the Table Near the Window

Inspiration often comes from outside the room. Therefore, your work table should be placed near the window to make your eyes free to see the atmosphere outside the workspace. Besides, you will also get natural light while saving electricity.

Those are creative ideas to make your minimal workspace still look more spacious and comfortable to use for work.

Creating a clean and comfortable workspace is a necessity to achieve maximum work results. Minimal workspace because of space limitations does not make you stop being creative. It is just how to design and decorate the space, as already explained above.

In your creative hands, you can transform the minimal workspace into a workspace that can bring inspiration and create significant ideas. Just show your creativity, then you will enjoy the result.

Best Master Bedroom Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2019

The bedroom is an important part of the house that needs extra attention in its interior design. The well-designed bedrooms can add to your comfort. Besides comfortable, a bedroom designed to suit your taste and personality can make you feel relax in your bed.

The bedroom design options are very varied, any theme you can pour to beautify your bedroom.  Ranging from simple design such as minimalist style to a luxurious design like the Victorian style.

Here are some best master bedrooms design ideas to inspire you in 2019.

Master Bedroom Design in 2019

Below is the popular and best design of the master bedroom in the year 2019. With the most prominent elements for each style


To display mid-century style usually used wood elements on room décor, including the bedroom. You can try using teak wood furniture, rosewood, cherry, walnut, or oak.

For complimentary decorations such as cabinets and carpets, use a unique and patterned geometric pattern. Chandeliers or chandeliers will add a midcentury impression in your bedroom.


Materials from metal, plastic, rustic, and mechanical ornaments dominate the industrial style. You can create an industrial bedroom with furniture details and decorations that are a mixture of several materials. Such as making the room ceiling with exposed steel frames, or concrete walls.

The interior of the room you can make from the pipes, add furniture such as chairs or stools, flower vase from a user can, or a vintage table of metal.


Style woodlands Adapting the atmosphere of the beach and the sea is popular with many people. The nautical style is applied to the bedroom will certainly make the room atmosphere more cool and comfortable.

The combination of blue and white plus stripes motif is certainly characteristic of this style. Materials made from wood and organic, such as woven, shell, coral fossils on furniture, and displays, will add to the impression of this nautical style.


The use of wood material is characteristic of Scandinavian style. This style does not require too much furniture and displays to create an airy impression of the room. The colors used include soft colors and more light. For your bedroom, use a white cover bed made with a wall and most of the furniture.

Stylish displays and furnishings such as paintings with neutral colors, rattan chandeliers, and wooden tables and cabinets.


Bohemian style is identical to the unique, vintage, artsy impression. To display this style in the bedroom, you can use a wooden bed with a hippie patterned bed cover. Also, place some live plants in some corners of the bedroom.

Painting displays, sun-framed mirrors, dreamcatcher ornaments, and vintage photographs can accentuate the bohemian style.


The farmhouse theme is perfect for those of you who don’t have a spacious bedroom. The warm and cozy impression of the farmhouse style makes it quite popular. Shiplap walls that characterize the farmhouse styles you can apply in your bedroom.

Classic black color can be applied to the furniture in the bedroom, such as bed frame, photo frame, table lamp, and so forth. Add the classically patterned carpet to reinforce the farmhouse style.

Modern Urban

This style is inspired by life in a simple and practical urban area. Your bedroom can be designed using the urban style. Like the use of bed furniture, cupboards, and wood-material desks with a simple yet elegant design.

This Style is not much use ornaments, and the accessories room is quiet with a standing decoration, 1 or 2 flower vase, and a soft-colored carpet without motifs.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic style is very thick with the use of furniture and vintage ornaments. The shabby chic-themed bedroom is visible from a pale or beige white bed with matching shades.

The use of wallpaper, bed cover with common floral motif found in this style. Soft colors such as cream, pale yellow, pink soft, can be an option to emphasize the use of shabby chic style.

Eclectic style

Eclectic style is a combination of several room design themes. The colors used tend to be striking as blue, light brown, white applied to the interior and furniture. The dominance of geometric motifs such as lines, circles, zig-zag is widely used in curtains or pillows as well as bed covers.


The elements used to realize the minimalist style are not much, very simple, and easy. Minimalist style avoids the use of items that have no function. For the application in the bedroom, you just need to put the bed, sofa, table, as well as a closet. That has a clear function with a choice of neutral colors such as black, white, or gray.

Victorian style

The prominent thing of the Victorian style is the use of luxurious interiors with the nuances of ancient kingdoms. To apply on a bed, you need to pay attention to the details and the correct color selection.

The use of gold color and chocolate dominates this style.  The interior design of the Victorian style is dominated by luxurious furniture with carved details on its part.

Bedroom design using a Victorian style of course using a master bedroom with gold or silver colored. Headboard and a curtain that is draped from top to bottom. Lighting stemming from chandeliers adds a luxurious impression of the bedroom with a Victorian look.

Maroco Style

The Maroco style is slightly similar to the Bohemian style. It’s just that this style is more orderly and more structured in terms of design. More exotic with the Moroccan culture highlighted by the ornaments and motifs of the fabrics used.

Traditional Style

Different from the classic design, the traditional design is dominated by the use of brown color for most of its furniture without elaborate carving details. The color contrast between the wall and the floor also the ceiling gives a strong and clear impression. This design brings a comfortable resting atmosphere for its occupants.

Bedroom designs for all styles can be applied to your bedroom. You simply adjust the space and budget to complement the furniture that supports your style of choice.

Some of the designs reviewed above can be the best master bedrooms design ideas to inspire you in 2019.  Choose a design that suits your tastes and personality and free your creativity to design your own bedroom to be more satisfied with the results later.

Best Makeup Vanities & Cases for Your Stylish Bedroom

Women who have a makeup hobby certainly want the vanities & cases inside the bedroom. Some people think the spot for makeup is not too much needed in the bedroom as it will take place to make it happen.

The options and design of the Vanities & cases are now very diverse. Stay adapts to the design and breadth of your bedroom. Here’s a review of best makeup vanities & cases for a stylish bedroom.

Hanging on The Wall

It doesn’t take many places to realize your desire to have your makeup spot. Makeup vanities design with a hanging model or hovering on the wall can be your choice. You can use the empty place in your bedroom to make this floating dressing table.

With an elongated makeup vanity, you can put makeup and skincare tools. Featuring an oval mirror on it could make your makeup vanity look stylish and minimalist.

Open-close Makeup Vanity

The Makeup vanity includes a floating dressing table and wall-mounted. It comes with a mirror that can be open-close, so you can use the space available when the mirror closed.

Shelf-shaped Makeup Vanity

This type of spot makeup that you don’t have to use a full table that many eat places. You can turn the hanging shelf into your dressing table, make it into two shelves in a stacked mirror on the first shelf, and makeup equipment on the bottom shelf.

Full Storage

If one table cannot accommodate all the makeup tools you have. You can choose a makeup vanity with a lot of drawers or storage places. Besides going to look neater, your makeup equipment more organized in place.

Two Drawer Vanity

The two drawer vanity commonly use by many women, with simple size mirror is perfect for providing enough storage and space in the bedroom.

Two storage drawers from this type vanity table provide ample hidden storage space for makeup tools and small items. Contemporary design from this vanity is adaptable for any decor style.

Big Set Makeup Vanity

This type of makeup vanity needs ample space because it equipped with a large storage area. Makeup vanity with drawers on the right side and the left side can accommodate and organize your makeup tools. With a large mirror, it can show your entire look.

Makeup Vanity Pallet Sets

Similar to the big set vanity desk, the pallet set table also has a lot of storage but more open or displayed. So you don’t have to bother opening and closing the drawer.

Vanity Table Glass Shelves

This type of vanity table will look attractive in your bedroom. Transparent glass shelves give a sense of relief in your room.

Classic Makeup Vanity

The classic white makeup vanity with some silver-colored drawers is lovely to complement your bedroom. A full enough table with a lot of storage can accommodate all your makeup tools.

Luxury Classic Makeup Vanity

For your elegant bedroom, this classic makeup vanity can add a luxurious impression. The details of the mirror carving and at the foot of the table makes the appearance more beautiful. Gold or silver color options are available for this dressing table.

Pure Classic Makeup Vanity

Pure Classic Makeup vanity has a more minimalist look and has a size that is not too big. So absolutely it is suitable and fit for a small bedroom.

Makeup Vanity with Metal Material

The material used to make the makeup vanity and cases is not only of wood. The metal material can also be used with the result that looks more simple and bright.

Stainless Steel Vanity Table

The stainless steel makeup vanity and cases is very eye-catching in the bedroom. In addition to the bright and straightforward models, your makeup tools will look neater.

Aluminum Vanity Table

This aluminum vanity table can be a lighting aid for your bedroom. With the bright wall color and this aluminum vanity table, the bedroom display will be more stylish.

Minimalist Vanity Table

Minimalist vanity table deliberately made for you who do not have enough space to put a big dressing table. A pair of vanity tables and wooden chairs without backrest can be placed in the corner of the room near the window to enhance the lighting naturally.

Another choice of minimalist dressers, you can put a transparent glass vanity table. That is shaped with a special elbow to be placed in the corner of the room, accompanied by folding chairs that you can keep after use.

Multi-functional Vanity Table

Nowadays, many vanity tables can doubles. Like a multi-functional vanity table that can be a dressing table and also a desk or study table. This multi-functional table design has detail where the table can be opened up.

So that it becomes a dressing table and bring up the makeup equipment that is styled in a drawer equipped with a partition. There is also a mirror behind the table. So you don’t have to add mirrors to the wall anymore.

Full Mirror

The three-sided mirror-vanity table can maximize your makeup. Having a full-mirror vanity table like this adds a broad impression to your bedroom. You can use a transparent or Ottoman ghost chair to complement the look of your vanity table.

Full Lights

If you want to have a vanity table with a mirror full of the lights on the side, the full-lights vanity table model is suitable for you. This type of dressing table features a large drawer as a storage place. Generally equipped nine LED cool bulbs, to increase visibility when you makeup.

Modern Vanity Table

The modern vanity desk has a charming design with bright white or bright cream colors. It features a mirror with detail of neat curved lines. Hardwood becomes material for the table and its chair with a smooth finishing.

A wide range of your vanities makeup options cases described above can complement your bedroom. But all you need to note before buying a set of vanity table makeup is the spacious bedroom and the best layout in the room.

Description of best makeup vanities and cases for a stylish bedroom can be your consideration and reference material in realizing your dream spot Makeup.

Best Bedroom Design and Ideas to Spark Your Personal Space

Anyone would want to have a comfortable bedroom with decorations that make you feel at home all the time.

A wide selection of decorating themes for your bedroom can be found in books, magazines, and the Internet. Of course, you can choose the one that suits your tastes best.

The following will be reviewed best bedroom design and ideas to spark your personal space.

Bohemian Chic

Bohemian style is characterized by irregularities so that the freedom to design with this style is no limitation. The characteristic that also stands out from this style is the combination of all kinds of colors that look ethnic, unique, and vintage.

The Bohemian style is certainly far from the terms glamour and fancy. Because all the decorations use cheap goods until the used goods. Such as bottles, cardboard, secondhand jars are collected and styled with high aesthetic value.

Bohemian Chic Bedroom

A bedroom that uses a bohemian style will certainly use lots of patterns on the wall, bed, or floor. Many different types of textiles are also used in decorating a bedroom. Take of motif fabric through the ceiling and just let the material bulging and hang slightly in the center or hang at the edges much be better.

Vintage Goods

Bohemian style is identical to the use of vintage goods. You can hunt for artwork to hang on your bedroom walls like drawings, photos, and paintings. A touch of natural beauty could be best for your bedroom. Put Some plants or flowers like dracaena, snake plant, and others.

Minimalist Style

Minimalist style is very popular to be applied overall in parts of the house or in certain parts such as a bedroom. The Interior bedroom is simple but still cozy to be the choice of many people. To apply this style to your bedroom is very easy because there is no need for elaborate details.


The use of minimalist styles is identical with neutral colors such as black and white. Both colors are perfect for the bedroom. The walls and floors can use white while the furniture is black. This will give the impression of cozy and elegant. If you don’t really like the black and white in color. You can apply warmer colors like chocolate.

Wall and Floor

Wooden floor with ivory white bed and dark and light brown furniture can be your choice. The minimalist effect can also arise from gray walls with some photo displays or artwork such as painting or drawing.

Modern Style

Modern style is popular for designing lodging, hotel, and home. Modern design is identic to a home with a simple color palette, clean, crisp lines. The use of steel material, metal, and glass is also a strong characteristic of modern style.


Dark copper and grey colors are suitable to be applied to your bedroom wall. Dark blue for curtain and bed cover can bring the sensation of relaxing at rest. You can apply a stunning headboard feature wall using light and shade. To make it look more modern, the installation of LED strip lights can be the best choice.


Use furniture such as wood floors, shelves. Add display artwork along with the shelves for modern-look. Lots of natural light during the day or warm, bright colors from the lampshade beside your bed could be perfect.


The coastal style stands out with the beachside area theme. It is identic with the use of cool neutral shades paired with green and blues. The room decorations consist of wood and accessories inspired by the ocean and beach.

Beachy Bedroom does not require your bed of sea or beach motif. You just need feel and spirit of the coast like breezy colors, cool, and an overall serene vibe.

Elements of Coastal

For coastal style, using furniture made from wood with pale colors could be matched with the theme. Don’t forget to bring natural-look in your bedroom, such as plants in the pot, mini aquarium beside the bed, or seagrass to bring a beach vibe.

Add the displays and ornaments of the sea life typical like coral, seashells, an octopus painting, others. Soft-colored like the blue ocean, grey, greenish-blue can be your choice for bedroom wall. Or You can use fish-adorned wallpaper.


The distinctive thing of industrial style is the use of unfinished rawness in many of the elements, ductwork, and exposed brick. Industrial style for your bedroom, you can use brick walls, you can paint it with the white color combined with the black accent to provide industrial-look.

Elements of Industrial Style

Uses copper pipes to create a rustic self, and you can put beside your bed. The use of steel also characterizes the industrial style, you can use it as a barn door, chairs, or clothing racks. It would bring warmth feel in your bedroom.

Soft lighting for the industrial style you can create from the use of lantern, candlestick, metal pendant lamp, or caged lamps.


Scandinavian style, more like simplicity style. Decoration for this style feels like a work of art and understated. Other characteristics, the use of natural elements like bright plastics, enameled aluminum, form-pressed wood, steel, others.

Functional furniture, natural lighting, and fewer accessories are a Scandinavian style characteristic.


Applying the Scandinavian style in the bedroom is not very difficult because it does not require any colors.  You can apply bright white walls with touches of grey, pastels, or pale blue for the furniture.

Scandinavian style does not apply much bright color, but small pops, such as pale green grass or cheery yellow. The detail of this style, a rustic bench at the foot of the bed could be your choice. Black and white photographs can be a unique showcase of your bedroom.


The rustic design generally uses natural elements like wood and stone. Using features like ceilings adorned with reclaimed wood floors. For your bedroom, the rustic style could be applied with the brown and white color palette.

Elements of Rustic Style

Wood paneling, white linens, and faux fur texture could be several ideas for your bedroom. Shiplap walls and exposed beams you can apply to bring out the rustic style. Display room such as old fashioned frame, tall white pitchers with flowers, white Mason jars affirms the use of rustic style.

Best bedroom design and ideas to spark your personal space that already expressed above, you can make a guide and reference. Keep in mind that design selection must be adjusted to the area of the bedroom, the main light source, and of course, the cost available. Just follow your taste and creativity and happy decorating, Guys!