Facts And Myths About Cravings While Pregnant

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Cravings are a cycle experienced by pregnant women, usually occurring in 1-3 months of gestation. The cause of cravings is still unknown. Cravings is a sign that there has been a change in enzymes and hormones in pregnant women. Then did you ever get into trouble while in the cycle? For example, your wife suddenly wants rujak buah, when time is above midnight. “Do you need to obey?” The following will provide facts and myths about pregnancy cravings that may answer the above questions.

1. Cravings also occur in prospective fathers (facts)
Researchers from St George’s University in London have conducted research on 282 prospective fathers. Most of them experience the same symptoms as their wives, such as mood swings, nausea, depression, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, and symptoms ngidam lain.Hal is still a mystery why the prospective father also experienced these symptoms.


2. Cravings are the baby’s or fetus’s wishes (myths)
This is not true, there is no single scientific research that can prove it tersebut.Ngidam more to the psychological aspects of pregnant women.


3. If cravings are not obeyed at birth the baby will drool or ngeces (myth)
As we have explained above cravings are more inclined to the psychological aspect of pregnant women. When the baby drool after birth it signifies will grow teeth, and the baby’s digestion works as mestina.Jadi as your dad’s candidate does not always need to obey your wife’s request when craving something very difficult to obtain. Especially wanting foods that are not nutrients such as ice cubes, dust etc. In medical terms eating disorders are called PICA.


4. Cravings affect the appearance and nature of the baby (myth)
“Your mother used to crave noodles huh?” Your hair pantesan criticized like noodles. “The statement is often we hear in the community, but it has nothing to do with pregnancy cravings. There is no scientific research that justifies it.


5. The choice of taste or food at the time of cravings can be used to detect the sex of the baby (myth)
Example: if when cravings of salty foods the baby’s sex is usually male.Factly no one has justify this myth.In this case more to the nutritional needs of the pregnant mother.Apabila nutrients needed by the salt body, the demand for cravings will tend to eat that feels salty.



That is the fact and the myth of pregnancy about cravings that have been summarized. Hope can increase your insight. Please help for like and sharenya.

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