Fear of Public Speaking? Here’s How to Solve it!

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Have we ever felt the palms of your hands sweating, throat dry and choked, reddened face, vibrating voice, or stomach churning? This kind of thing not only we experience when talking in front of thousands or hundreds of people, but even worse also experienced when we speak in front of our co-workers or play our own.

At that time, we are actually experiencing an unsure confidence syndrome that causes fear when speaking in public. The reason, maybe we are not used to talking in public, or not ready to appear. But this is not only experienced by the first person to be a speaker only, but also experienced by people who have often appeared as a public speaker though, this happens probably because it has not prepared the material with the material, or it could be because not know who the audience facing.

Continue how to overcome it? Here I will share about Tips to overcome fear of speaking in public.


1. Set Your Breath to Feel Calm
This is very helpful to make ourselves calm and Relax and stable heartbeat. All we have to do is take a breath from the nose then throw it through the mouth.

2. Make a Pause a While Before Starting the Speech
Before you start talking / speech, there is good we do not rush, so what we say exactly and of course interesting.



3. Believe That Signs of Physical Anxiety Are Invisible
In public speaking, make sure signs of physical anxiety are not visible, such as sweaty hands, reddening, shaking, or excessive movement. Because this can make a bad impression in front of the listener and usually what we say is not well controlled.


4. Make preparations before performing
Before appearing it is important for a speaker to prepare maturely, both material and mental. Can by learning to talk in front of mirror or other visual.


5. Focus on The Message and Audience
By focusing on the message delivered and the audience, your tension will subside.



6. Recognize the Audience
Work with the audience as soon as you arrive. This will make it easier for us to talk because it already knows the audience.

7. Expand the Experience
Experience will build confidence. By often learning to speak in front of the audience then we will get used and confidence will increase by itself.


Those are some tips to overcome fear of public speaking. Hopefully useful and useful for us, because science will be more useful for us when sharing and to share the knowledge we have need with good communication and pleasant to hear.

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