Got Haters? Here Are 5 Tips To Face Haters.

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This time we will discuss about Tips To Face Haters. Friends all must be familiar with the word haters right? Yes, of course. Haters is a person or a group of people who usually do not like us, whether in real life or in cyberspace, oh shudder ya sahabat. To deal with it is very easy.

No doubt indeed, the haters sometimes make upset and make mumps hearted. But we also need to keep ourselves from being overwhelmed with the haters. In fact we should be happy, because with the haters we have a true fans. Ha ha ha ha.

For that will review on Tips To Face Haters. Let’s check in:

1. Stay smile and be grateful
Sometimes if in the morning we have been given breakfast things that do not wear by the haters, yes smile and always grateful for what has been given and predestined by Allah SWT. Because with a smile and gratitude, we will be easier to live our days. In addition, a smile is a charity and grateful is an expression of gratitude to Allah SWT for all the blessings that He gave.

Smile and Grateful


2. Keep Being Good and Positive
Behavior committed by the Haters is mostly annoying and make hurt hell anyway. But we do not need to reply with the same deeds. But what for? Just going to waste our energy and even add sin loh. So we just treat the Haters well, friendly, and always positive. “The important thing is whether or not the same people first, affairs dikepannya how.Apparently he is the same God”

3. Keep trying to maintain good relationships in the real world and cyberspace
This is difficult yaah, ya can not be denied sometimes the resentful taste that can turn into a grudge. But as a good friend, we still need to keep our good relationship with the Haters is good in the real world or virtual. Yes for example by still saying hello, tetep say thank you, so anyway if we think tetep do like nothing happened. Which yesterday let it pass, let’s open a new page. Really?
Do not keep ngeblokir, nge unfriend, or nge unfollow account belonging to the Haters kasian if the Haters hard to find our account when we want to kepoin.


4. Ignore and do not enter into the heart
This is the most effective way to deal with Haters is to ignore and do not include the treatment in the heart. Try not to be provoked by the negative aura and the aura of hatred. Instead of wasting energy on such a thing, it’s better to take some distance and try to act as usual. Because the hearts are sensitive, we do a bit of a bother, and the BOOM explodes.


5. Ask for help
This is the most effective for us. If according to the friend of Haters is outrageous, do not forget to ask for help with God. Pray and ask for reduced levels of Haters and we are always given the spaciousness and ease in facing it. And pray also the Haters to always be given happiness and hopefully we quickly detached from the belengingerya: p.


6. Do not invite other people to hate our haters
hahaha for this one, must be really dilakuin. yes for what we ngajakin temen, family, girlfriend or anyone for the sebel or baseball like our Haters. It’s so funny if it’s so: p But they also have nothing to do with our problem just like Haters. Problems like baseball likes, temenan baseball temenan, hate or love should be the choice of each person. Not with a hateful girlfriend we continue to participate sebel, a friend of mercy continue our follow-up. because sometimes we just do not know too deep and too quickly concluded.
“Since we can not conclude the contents of a book just by looking at the cover of it or with the stories of others, so humans, we can not conclude from one side only without we really understand it from all sides”


That’s 5 Tips To Face Haters version. Because Hater is also the sexiest creature of God, we should be grateful for with it our life goes equally.

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