Happy Because Other Were Wrong, Why?

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Often we ask, is it happy? How the real Happy? What happy is that? happy is it because who the hell?

What is happiness because of others? Many who say happy is happy, happy laugh, happy life is good, happy life is comfortable .. Happy is made with other people. Happy is that all we want we can get.


You need to know, if not that. Happy is grateful, happy is where we are grateful for what we have, where we make comfortable what we get. Not that we can not get that we want it we are not happy you know. Especially if my friends all say if happy is just contrived with other people.

So, Happy is our own ciptain. So gaes, let’s stop to complain today! Come stop to envy, hate, or not seneng same yg others have.

Believe with us, just be grateful and comfortable with what you have and you will be happy .. And make your day as happy as possible every day, because we will not know what we will face tomorrow.

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