Maximize Your Five Senses To Relationship To Succeed!

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Stepping on the age of 18 tahunm if people say hell the name of the famous ABG (Anak Baru Gede) who usually will be interested in the opposite sex (which is important not interested in the same sex). Different ways of Relationship is usually done by teenagers who stepped on their teen age. Well for Relationship with doi, friends can maximize the five five senses lhoh to maximize the success of Relationship.

1. Sense of vision (eyes)

The senses are the most prominent of the other senses for klepek-klepek doi. Now how to utilize this sense of sight to do klepek klepek ma you? So by using the sense of sight, you can look attractive, polite, the subject is good to see the eyes of friends, the important do not alay. Do not forget to also model your hair should also be considered because it will add savory when viewed.

2. The sense of smell (nose)

Why use a nose? Do you want to sniff? Yeah enggaklah! So this is a friend, how to doi klepek-klpek by maximizing the senses is by using perfume, now it’s a lot of scattered do ya sell perfume? But remember, do not use the oil nyong-nyong, later doi can fall unconscious.


3. Indra taste (tongue)

This is more strange, is not it a friend? What are you doing with your tongue? Now with the taste of taste or tongue, speak with courtesy and courtesy to doi more amazed. The important note with this sense of taste, do not forget to brush your teeth let me add hovering.


4. The sense of hearing (ear)
To maximize the senses, a friend can be a good teacher when doi talk, not to be a bot yeah. Later you will be directly ditukulin doi.

5. The sense of touch (skin)
The skin is a wrapper of the human body so it will form the image. However, why are these senses incorporated last dipoin? Well the reason is actually doi going klepek-klepek with the above, there pepeatah say love is blind .. The important remains neat, nice views and be a good listener.


That’s the five senses that can be maximized when a friend of Relationship. Hopefully useful, regards.

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