Want to Be a Millionaire? With These 5 Steps Able To Help Make You Millionaire.

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire to a billionaire? definitely never dong. But sometimes we are confused how or how to get started? What do we need to prepare to become millionaires? this is where will help by giving tips to become a millionaire.



1. Prepare The Idea for the Business

The first step to becoming a millionaire, we need to think of an idea, why should the idea? because that idea will be our stepping stone. It’s basically looking for ideas is not easy, but a simple idea turns out to be more profitable than a complicated idea. Let’s just have an idea to catfish catapult or make lamp decoration from used goods, or innovate the other.


2. Calculate the Value of Loss and Profit

To become a millionaire we need to calculate our business capital then how much profit we get and prepare the lotses that we will find if there is no enthusiasts or buyers for example my friend butinesia have idea make catfish then we have to calculate capital for buying seeds, capital to buy animal feed for a few days. Then start looking for the selling price of catfish that have grown (search tau dipasar) after knowing the price of catfish then we start calculating the value of catfish, then make calculations how much loss we will get when the catfish die.


3. Starting With a Small Business

When it is ready for ideas and calculations we start to prepare our small capital and then start to try and not stop trying, so we must try our small business first.


4. Experiencing Failure

Sometimes we have tried to make the effort but the business is actually getting big losses so we have to stop for a moment, just to rest for a while so we can think about what is wrong from our business.


5. Try and Succeed

If it is enough with the rest or already know what is wrong from our business then we try again the business that we live or make another effort, focus and keep trying then we will benefit from the business. the profit that was small if small business then we have to try with big capital with big business hence we will get business profit.



Buddy, that was the steps to become a millionaire if you have already become a millionaire or a millionaire then do not forget to help our friends by giving a small capital to our friends that he participated to be successful as well. May be useful.

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