When Will The Sun Will End And Die?

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After discussing the reasons why the color of the sun is red at dusk (read also the facts of the Milky Way galaxy), this time buletinesia will share about when the sun ends. If imagined it is horrified to be a friend of buletinesia if the sun stops the heat and light, it could be the poles of ice all the earth. Do not wear our usual clothes drying, plants can not live without the sun, even without life when the sun ends.


Tongue of The Sun:

So until now the sun uses nuclear reactions by utilizing hydrogen substances to keep them out of heat and light. According to the scientists cited in the book by Drs. Purwanto, B.Sc, the hydrogen supply for this nuclear reaction is sufficient for approximately 5 billion years. But what happens when this hydrogen reaction is gone or is dead? When the supply of hydrogen runs out, the sun will use helium for nuclear reactions. Well lhoh there is a reserve, if if helium also runs out? So what happens is the surface of the sun will be cold and then the sun will swell into a red giant star (red giant).


Red Giant:

The swelling will run continuously until it will eventually become bigger or better known as super red giant, then carbon and silicon that already exist in the core of the sun will be depressed and formed iron. Once it has formed iron on the core of this sun, it will absorb energy and suddenly explosion and then destroyed berkepimg-chip in just a few seconds. The destruction of this super red giant triggered a powerful explosion called a supernova.



Such is the review of when the sun’s end is cited by buletinesia, is it terrible also the friend of buletinesia when the sun suddenly runs out of hydrogen and helium? Well for now we must be grateful for the grace of God of the universe, who has created nature with its balance. Hopefully useful, greetings buletinesia.

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