Why The Sun When Twilight Dusk?

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The sun is one of the advocates of human life in this world, in the absence of the sun, we who live in this world will experience cold or even life in this world. But tapukan friends? Why the sun is reddish at dusk? From the physics encyclopedia by Drs.Purwanto, B, Sc, summarized, the sun has a temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius which is a nuclear reaction by converting 700 million tons of hydrogen into helium every second. Well worth it even though the distance of the sun with the earth 149.6 million km, but we still feel the heat.


Before discussing the cause of the sun is reddish at dusk, we will discuss about day and night. When the sun sets because the earth we live in rotates, it causes half of the earth to become dark and the other half will gain sunlight. Darkness is experienced by half the earth for about 12 hours. That is what causes day and night.


Day and Night on Earth:
Now we will discuss why the sun is reddish at dusk. So when this hot giant ball sinks from the surface of the earth or at dusk, that’s when it’s orange-red. This is because, when sunlight penetrates the Earth’s atmosphere, light will be blocked by dust, water vapor, and other gases that exist on this earth. Then the sunlight will decompose into seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple rainbow. But because the sunlight is blocked by the earth’s atmosphere that contains the various materials, this barrier refracts the purple and indigo colors which result in purple and indigo tones not reaching into the earth and back into space, but the colors of orange and red are not biased by This barrier thus causes this color to reach the earth. This is the reason why the sun is reddish at dusk. Hopefully useful, greetings.

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