Wife Will Give Birth? It’s a Husband Alert Tips Toward the Birth of a First Child.

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As a husband would be very happy to hear his wife pregnant, let alone the first child. Well as a husband must also understand what to do if the wife will give birth to the first child. Here are tips for husbands to be more alert before the birth of the first child.
1. Determining Labor
Knowing whether a baby can be born normally or surgery is very important to the husband. Minimum do ultrasound once a month to see baby pekembangan. There we can see the development of the baby’s organs, baby’s position and that is not less important that should be inquired is the position of the umbilical cord of the baby. If the umbilical cord is twisted more than 2 turns it is likely to have surgery, if only 1 times the normal birth probability is still possible.
2. Give more Attention to Wife
When the baby is in the womb or kicking strongly, the wife must be very painful in that the role of husband to give attention to the wife. You can hug your wife from behind or side while rubbing the belly soothes wife. Help the wife complete the homework, small help will be very valuable for the wife.
3. Knowing the Signs Wife Will Give Birth
Toward the birth of the wife should always be accompanied, for husbands who have job duties can ask for help with other families. As for the alert husband must know the signs of the wife when will give birth so that it can provide immediately. Recognize the sign before the delivery as the wife complains of pain in the groin, out mucus thick in blood accompanied, terjadinaya contraction and accompanied by rupture of amniotic fluid.
4. Reduce Physical Stress And Wife’s Emotions
Psychological wives greatly affect the condition of a wife, then by making a wife feel comfortable and give more attention will make the wife calm and not worried about her baby.
Those are the few steps a husband can take if the wife is going to give birth to the first child. Do not panic and keep attention to the wife. May be useful.

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